Community Building

To establish a community around your company or association is hard work. However, nowadays the right story or content marketing and social media can result quite quickly into a workable and communicative community. To work out a plan for social media and content marketing for communities is a day-to-day job for Thoas.


Social Media Management

We help you to determine and execute your Social Media Strategy. Who is your audience? What are they expecting and how could you engage with your audience to build up a social relevance communication and relationship that should lead to social selling or more membership. We write your social playbook related to the defined KPI’s.

Based on your audience, we help you to determine the social media channels. We guide you to select the wright tools to manage, monitor and analyse your social presence.


Once operational, we train your employees to successfully manage and execute your social media strategy. We provide hands-on tips & tricks, playbook, guidelines, copy write rules, social tone of voice & engagement do’s and don’ts. More …



Content Marketing & Storytelling

There is no content strategy possible without a true content marketing plan, one that fits in your marketing & member strategy. Thoas will reveal and map your content into the right fit. In one day we assess your team.


Your audience needs to be convinced of your message. As a community, you need to reach your goals. A good newsletter, whether it’s online or offline, is one of the crucial parts in every content strategy. Thoas will provide these tools and make them available for direct usage.

One of the goals of a content strategy is to create ambassadors to spread your message and belief. To create these ambassadors, you will need to influence people in a subtle but persistent way. Thoas will help your association or company to define these ambassadors and how to empower them.