Digital transformation

Most companies or associations find it difficult to change and adapt to the present digital era. How do you initiate digitalization without loosing members or customers? Would e- trade or m-commerce suit your business? Thoas helps.


Digital business & marketing development

Where to go from here? How disruptive proof is your company or association? How to build a sustainable e-trade business? We help, guide and train your company to face a, not only digital but in some ways disruptive future.

We help you defining the (digital) concept for the next years. What are the main axes and focus? How will your digital strategy ensure an approach making your existing customers or members loyal- & socially engaged. How to be trustworthy to new prospects? Together we build a plan to boost traffic, trust, conversations and conversion. Besides that, we help you drawing the solution design: what technology to use, what are the most appropriate tools and partners to achieve your objectives?

Social CRM is often treaded inferior towards a traditional CRM approach, although the actual customer today is mainly engaging on social networks. We help you finding, capturing, monitoring and analysing your customer’s conversations and the digital and social touch points with your Brand. Based on these objectives we guide you to the tools or technologies to manage this.

How can we help your employees to transform toward social sellers? How do they embrace social channels? Are they aware of the new way of selling? Together we determine this new approach, the tools & knowledge to do social selling.

We use a methodology to screen and select the best possible partner and solutions (technology, tools, apps…) based on our wide and in depth knowledge of the market and its players.

In a full partnership, we go even further than the above. Together we do in-depth budget calculation and financial predictions, based on firm business analyses. We map the objectives versus your financial investment in your strategy. Together, we determine and supervise the budgetary aspect in the accomplishment of your strategy and/or campaigns.

Ready for Ecommerce? We are...

Setting your first steps with enough traction? Is your e-commerce strategy future proof? Did you take in account the latest insights about customer expectations and behaviour? Do you act in a customer centric approach? We help and guide you in a fast changing sector where disruptive competitors target your market and your customers. How to tackle and stay beyond them? We translate this into a strategic and conceptual briefing for internal or external (partner) use.

We use a methodology to screen and select the best possible e-trade partners and e-solutions (technology, tools, apps…) based on or knowledge and experience of the market and its stakeholders.

Once operational, we train your employees to successfully manage and execute your e-trade strategy. How to monitor & analyse the results? Which methodology to use for permanent improvement and adaptation of your strategy based on market changes, customer needs and opportunities?