Legal support and certification

Thoas collaborates with 4 legal experts to establish your association or company. All qualified to evaluate or write your contracts and able to set up your label or certification process.

Often companies gather and are tempted to create an association or community. At that point, legal guidance, the right form of partnership and statutes are necessary to have a good start. Our legal experts guide you trough this often unfamiliar jungle of information.

The basis of good understanding is a contract. Especially in communities and associations, deals are often made verbally and will lead to misunderstanding. Memberships, partnerships, general conditions, RIO, order forms – they all need to be thought trough in advance. We think with you to redefine or set up.


Often, it is necessary to divide the good from the bad in the sector. A label or certificate is often the solution. The basis of a good label or charter, is of course the criteria itself. Our legal department helps you to set up the certification
questionnaire or directions. We also help you to describe the process needed to follow up the demands.
Therefor we analyse and determine the structure, intake, certification and complaint handling.


We guide you in the selection of the independent certification organisation, either a legal or a quality organism you are looking for.


Do not forget that a good label or certificate is one that is promoted. This brings us back to the marketing skills, on- and offline that are available in house, as mentioned before.