The SafeShops Awards


The SafeShops Awards are an initiative of, an e-commerce organization who boosts e-com in Belgium.

In detail:

  • the SafeShops Awards distinguish themselves from all other recognition in the field
  • participation is free of charge
  • the judges are theown customers of the webshop
  • the evaluation is done through a thorough, objective quantitative market study
  • this valuable study is available for all participants for free

SafeShops rewards the top 5 of each category with one of these Awards . Categories are determined on the webshop its e-commerce turnover, divided in small, medium and big. 

  • Diamond Award
  • Brilliant Concept Award
  • Logistics Champion Award
  • Payment Hero Award
  • Customer Friendliness Award

Thoas staat in voor de organisatie, communicatie en concept van het event. Dit naast het opzetten van de onderliggende studie om tot de winnaars te komen.1